November 8, 2017

Performance Management Training



  • Giving effective feedback
  • Handling difficult messages
  • Setting achievable goals and expectations
  • Supporting other people's development
  • Using acknowledgement and praise
  • Dealing with issues as they arise
  • voiding escalating problems
  • Seeing things from other points of view
  • Dealing with yours and other people's feelings
  • Dealing with difficult or tricky people
  • Building confidence and morale
  • Setting effective boundaries
  • What to do when the goal posts change

Performance Management

Performance Management Appraisals can be a terrific forum for review, development and communication.

We take a realistic look at employee and staff Performance Management and Appraisal Interviews.

What form should they take? 360 degree? How critical? How often? What training system works best?

In our experience Performance Management and Appraisals tends to be one of those essentials in a company that's often handled badly or not at all.

The very forum that could help people understand their roles within the company, be assessed on the quality of their work, gain support and encouragement is often ignored or endured simply because the people doing the appraising/performance managing find it deeply uncomfortable and hard to do.

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